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Wedding Planning

Who will write YOUR love story?

You know? The one about the TWO of you. How the two of you got to this point, the commonalities, the differences, the family relationships, the laughs you’ve shared, the places you’ve been. ALL of those details go into your wedding planning in one way or another.


Wedding Planning

6 Ways To Really Impress Your Wedding Guests

Guarantee your wedding is the one all your friends and family are still talking about years from now by breaking the mold and impressing your guests.


Wedding Planning

'Have You Set a Date?'

Don't let the pressure get to you. Planning your wedding should be a time of enjoyment NOT a rush to the finish line.


Wedding Planning

The Biggest Trends You'll Want At Your Wedding

Including these glamorous trends in your wedding won't make your big day any less timeless!


Wedding Planning

Venue Checklist

A comprehensive guide to details you need to be aware of when selecting the venue for your wedding.


Wedding Planning

Making the most of The Tulsa Wedding Show 2015

We’re ringing in the New Year preparing for the Tulsa Wedding Show 2015! Are you planning to attend? Here are a few tips for making the most of your time at the show!


Wedding Planning

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Is a destination wedding in your future? Here are a few tips to make your destination wedding planning a breeze!


Wedding Planning

How To Care for Your Engagement Ring

Our guest blogger, Rana A. Jaafar from Israel Diamond Supply, offers a few tips on how to care for your new sparkly engagement ring!


Wedding Planning

A Tulsa Wedding: Behind The Scenes

How do we design and build dream weddings? Go behind the scenes with Lasting Impressions with this fun video!


Wedding Planning

Announcing Your Valentine’s Day Engagement

It’s Valentine’s weekend; anyone get something sparkly from your special Valentine? Here’s a quick note on announcing your engagement!


Wedding Planning

We Help You Plan A Proposal

Men, there’s a lot of pressure on you to plan a special and unique proposal. At Lasting Impressions, we live and breathe romance. We’d love to help you take that next step and make her dreams come true.


Wedding Planning

Making the Most of the Tulsa Wedding Show 2014

We’re ringing in the New Year preparing for the Tulsa Wedding Show 2014! Are you planning to attend? Here are a few tips for making the most of your time at the show!


Wedding Planning

Three Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Planner

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to select the right wedding planner to capture your vision and turn those dreams into reality. Who is going to truly be on your side from vendor negotiations to decorating and pulling the entire event together? Who can you trust to create a beautiful beginning to your marriage?


Wedding Planning

Spring Outdoor Wedding Things to Consider

There are many things to consider with an outdoor ceremony. In Oklahoma, you never know whether to grab a coat or your flip flops as you head out the door. Ensure you're ready for your outdoor wedding with these tips!


Wedding Planning

What To Do The Week Before Your Wedding

The week before your wedding should be spent with your family and friends as they arrive in town for your wedding. It’s time spent in the spa or the salon getting pampered and having your manicure and pedicure.


Wedding Planning

10 Wedding Planning Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

The holidays means lots of engagements, and we want to share these 10 wedding planning tips for all of our new Tulsa brides-to-be!


Wedding Planning

How To Be a Top Wedding Planner

What does a top wedding planner do exactly?


Wedding Planning

How To Deal with Inappropriate Wedding Guest Behavior

Grooms, this one is for you: how to (not) deal with inappropriate wedding guests.


Wedding Planning

Don't Lose Friends, Hire a Wedding Planner!

A study found that 60 percent of couples had a falling out with family or friends over wedding planning--don't lose your friends, hire a wedding planner!


Wedding Planning

5 Questions Newly Engaged Couples Should Discuss

Tulsa couples, have you discussed these issues before your wedding?


Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning: Creating a Wedding Website

Wedding websites are lifesavers during wedding planning!


Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning at the Tulsa Wedding Show

Don't miss your chance to jump into wedding planning at The Tulsa Wedding Show this weekend!


Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Conference Recap

The wedding planning conference I recently attended was fantastic!


Wedding Planning

Average Costs of Weddings

Couples are watching their budgets more closely. See what studies say people are now spending on their weddings.


Wedding Planning

Rainy Day Wedding

It is a wedding planners nightmare--an outdoor wedding on a rainy Oklahoma day. How could this wedding have been handled differently?


Wedding Planning

Wedding Coordinators for DIY Brides

Bride-In-A-Box, a new company from Lasting Impressions, provides wedding coordination services for DIY brides.


Wedding Planning

If It's Spring, It Must Be Wedding Season

It's never too early to begin wedding planning!


Wedding Planning

Wedding Season Is Upon Us!

Along with the budding tress, the blooming tulips - and the pollen in the air – comes wedding season!


Wedding Planning

Simple Is the New Wedding Trend

The average cost of a wedding has dropped from the 2007 high of $28,732 to an average of $21,814 in 2008.


Wedding Planning

Your Outdoor Wedding in Oklahoma - Yes or No?

Tips for outdoor weddings from an experienced wedding planner.


Wedding Planning

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