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Do You?

Do you have the resources to put together 250 favors for the reception? Do you expect the florist to transport wedding flowers to the reception?

And speaking of the flowers, how will you know if you're getting your money's worth? Do you know which flowers hold up well, which are more expensive at certain times of the year?

Do you work with caterers or hotels on a daily basis? Can you look at a menu and know where to get the most bang for the buck? Do you understand Oklahoma liquor laws?

If the answer to any of those questions is 'NO', then please consider hiring a wedding consultant. We do this for a living. The average budget (nationally) for a wedding is $31,000!  You wouldn't buy a car and drive it off the lot without insurance so why trust the biggest day of your life to your cousin/aunt/sister/friend???

We work for YOU. We're there when the caterer has a tantrum, when the trolley has an accident on the way to the church and when your future mother-in-law refuses to light the unity candle (those are all real scenarios, by the way). Our job is to work behind the scenes to make all your wishes happen. Without being bossy and without causing heartburn among family members or your dear friends.

These are just some of the services and products we provide for brides and grooms:

  • Lighting - who cares what it looks like if you can't see it?
  • Wedding Accessories - we have access to some of the most unique
  • Ceremony Site - maybe you want something totally different
  • Transportation - horse drawn carriage to Hummer to Rolls
  • Wedding Cake - we know the BEST
  • Entertainment - would you rather have live vs. DJ?
  • Bridal Registry - do you know all the places you can register?
  • Hotel Arrangements - we can assist you with out of town guests
  • Calligraphy/Addressing - for the elegant invitation
  • Wedding Party Attire - do you want something off the rack or custom?
  • Etiquette/Tradition - Where does the girlfriend of the bride's/groom's dad/mom sit?
  • On Site Hair Designers - updo? half up? sassy?
  • Attendants Gifts - please not another necklace/cufflink
  • Officiant - secular/nonsecular?
  • Sweet Table - a Jewish tradition but fun for all
  • Tabletop Design - do you understand 60- vs. 72- rounds?
  • Floral Arrangements - customized for you
  • Decor - do you have a theme? Special interest?
  • Bridal Gown - we'll give you the -straight- scoop
  • Photography - the MOST important decision you'll make
  • Welcome Gifts - your guests traveled miles to watch you walk down the aisle; say thank you with style
  • Budgeting - Yes, Virginia, there is a way to save money! we help you determine what's important to YOU and then we guide you all the way
  • Reception Site - so you want outdoors, what happens if it rains?
  • Seating Arrangements - open range vs. Escort Cards
  • Personal Touches - how to incorporate the -soft- moments into your day
  • Ceremony Programs - who ARE these people? And why are they in your wedding?
  • Make-Up Artists - they can make you look like a princess OR not.
  • Custom Stationery & Invitations - we carry some of the very best. Pick your paper, colors, ink, ribbon, font.
  • Videography - do you want a formal record or a snapshot of the day? We know who does what best.
  • Bridesmaids Luncheons - of course you want to spend time with your best friends, but will you have time?
  • Rehearsal Dinners - traditionally given by the groom's family. We can run interference and make it pleasant for everyone.

We hope you will allow Lasting Impressions to assist your walk down the aisle. Whether your wedding is next month or next year, it's never too late to call on us for advice and remember the first hour of consultation is free.


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