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Frequently Asked Wedding Questions 

?        When is the best time to book a planner/coordinator?
A       The sooner the better.  It sounds trite but you don’t drive off the car lot without insurance.  Cleaning up mistakes takes more time and is almost always more costly. 
?          How much do you charge?
A         We charge according to the amount of time that we spend on your planning and design of your wedding.  Most weddings involve 250-300 hours of planning over the life of the event.  Many of those hours are spent working “behind the scenes” sourcing venues and vendors, printing choices, linens, flowers and all other aspects of décor. Then we follow through with every item to be sure it arrives on time and that all your contracts are fulfilled. On average, there are THIRTY-ONE categories that must be filled before a wedding is complete.    
            We work on a flat fee based on the time and scope involved.  We do not accept commissions from any vendors;  the people we recommend to you are the ones we feel will best represent you.  Therefore, we are always working FOR you as your advocate and liaison.  Fees are quoted after we meet to determine if we are a good “fit” and can achieve the wedding of your dreams as a team. 
?           Do you work with LGBTQ couples?    
A          We're not here to judge anyone - only provide the best service to all couples.
         What should I look for in a venue?
A          Overall, you’re looking for location, convenience for you and your guests, time constraints, space constraints, included items in the fee, kitchen facilities if needed, heating and AC, extra services not included in base pricing.  And of course, if you absolutely detest rustic spaces, don’t book a ranch and expect to turn it into a modern loft atmosphere.
?          How much attention should I pay to the architectural details of a venue?
A         As I said in the above question, if you want the look of a modern loft, then find a suitable space.  Your Planner/Designer can take a blank space and turn it into almost anything; in fact, I personally prefer a very plain space where YOUR look and feel is not competing with the details of the space.  I once had a bride who wanted to rent a space with animal heads on the walls, but then she wanted the venue to remove all traces of the rustic ambience.  Bad idea.  Better to start with the appropriate space and then CEATE the special character of the space.
?          I want an outdoor wedding; won’t that be less expensive than renting a pricey venue?
A         It Depends.  In general, outdoor weddings are MORE expensive than renting a modestly priced place with a roof over your head.  Here’s why:  tents are not cheap.  You may need more than one tent.  (we honestly had one event with TEN tents – the land was not level – thus the need for tents on various levels) Plus you may need a cocktail tent, catering tent, and vendor prep tent.  If your space is near an enclosed venue with catering facilities, then that may alleviate the need for more tents.
            Then there’s transportation TO and FROM the site, portable bathrooms, trash disposal, parking, generators, lighting for both ambiance and safety, ALL items must be rented including flooring, staging, tables, chairs, catering equipment, ice and storage, linens, draping for inside of tent – if necessary, tent sides, additional setup and teardown and most importantly good liability insurance and of course, the requisite permits.
?          I can’t afford an expensive photographer and/or videographer.  My uncle has a nice camera and takes great family photos so we’re going to use him.  Will that work?
A         Yes if he is a professional with wedding experience and a backup shooter.  Otherwise – NO.  This is not the place to skimp on budget.  A good photographer and/or videographer is worth their price.  What else do you have left after the wedding?
             And here I am on my soapbox:  I hear couples all the time say that they are cutting the videographer because they can’t afford it and they don’t need a silly video of one day of their life.  STOP – a video – in my opinion – is not silly.  If well crafted, it is a beautifully captured capsule of the two of you as a couple as well as your family as they existed at that time.  It is the essence of the day.  Many of my couples are so grateful to have those videos later in life after precious family members are no longer with them.
?          I have twenty Pinterest boards full of all my ideas.  I don’t need a designer to put together my wedding décor.
A         Well, that was not a question, but I hear it all the time.  We LOVE Pinterest as a jumping off point for getting to know our couples.  But it can also be overwhelming when you’re trying to put it all together.  That’s where we come in.  We can help you focus on the important elements and then weave them in a cohesive ribbon that perfectly reflects YOUR personalities and YOUR favorite details.
?          Are your services for everyone?
A         No.  Lasting Impressions is particularly suited to busy, professional couples who have a desire for a beautiful wedding with a high quality of service BUT not the time or expertise.  We work best with a couple who has an idea of what they want and the ability to TRUST us to make that event come to life.  We give you options; you make the decisions.
?          What if I want to do it all myself but just want a “day of” planner?  Do you do that?
A         First of all, no professional wedding planner would literally walk in to your event on the DAY OF the wedding.  YES, we do offer “Logistical Coordination” for the wedding weekend through our company Bride In a Box™.  Please visit our website



















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