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What Kind of Bride are You?

The Basics    
Bride's Name
  Groom's Name
Our wedding date is:
The time of the wedding is:
The ceremony will be held at:
The reception will be held at:
We plan to invite this many people to the ceremony:
We plan to invite this many people to the reception:
Dress for the bridal party will be:
Our wedding party will include (how many of each):
Matron / Maid of honor(s):
Junior Bridemaids:
Candle Lighters:
Flower girls:
Ring bearers:
Guest Book Attendants:
House Party:
Best Man:
Ushers: (1per 50 guests)
I see myself wearing:
We will serve alcohol at the reception:
Food at the reception will consist of:
Let us get to know you!
If my groom were a movie star, he would resemble:
On a typical Friday night, my fiance and I would like:
We want to include the following in our wedding:
I can see clearly now - my fiance is wearing:
The most important part of the wedding day TO ME is:
If you are standing at the back of the aisle ready to walk down it, what do you see in terms of decor?
Will you pictures be taken before of after the ceremony?

What do you think the median age of the guests will be?
Your colors are going to be?
Will your first dance be more like:
Where will you honeymoon?
How many hours do you have to devote to planning this very special event EVERY day?
The budget for this important event could best be described as:
Services already contracted for - please tell us who your vendor is:
Please tell us who referred you to Lasting Impressions or where you heard of us:

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