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10 Wedding Planning Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

By Lynn Wheatley

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The holidays are typically a popular time to become engaged and all of our newly engaged Tulsa couples should read these 10 wedding planning tips! If you’re one of those couples who are beginning to plan your wedding – let’s talk – and dispel a few misconceptions:

1. The DRESS is not the first item you need – every bride dreams of that perfect dress but there are issues to consider before you purchase the dress.

2. You can select a venue by shopping online without a site visit – wrong. Even if you’re from out of town, you need eyes on the ground who can testify to the ACTUAL pros and cons of the site you’re considering.

3. Outdoor weddings are less expensive – you’re SO in love with the look, you may not realize that virtually everything has to be purchased/rented for an outdoor wedding.

4. Doing it yourself is just a matter of buying a couple of books, an organizer and watching wedding shows on TV – books and magazines are great – I use them all the time. BUT every wedding is unique and you’ll need to fashion YOUR wedding YOUR way.

5. Your friends and relatives can substitute for videographers or other professionals – trust me, this day is too important to leave anything to chance. Well-meaning uncles and cousins can help you take the gifts to the car, but PLEASE hire a pro for the important tasks.

6. You MUST select your date before you find a reception venue – unless there is only ONE day in the entire year that will work for you, check out the available spaces before you settle on the date. And do consider off season or a day other than a Saturday if you’re working with a tight budget.

7. There’s no need to discuss the budget until later in the process. Uh NO! Painful as it may seem, NOW is the time to determine a budget for the wedding with everyone who will be involved. If her parents are paying for the entire event, great – ask them what they are comfortable spending. Don’t assume that the sky is the limit. If you-the couple- and his parents, or grandparents, godparents, etc. are willing to take over some part, it’s better to find out now. BUT just because someone else is contributing doesn’t mean they have carte blanche to make the decisions. Combine all the amounts to see just where you are in terms of available cash. And remember at least ONE THIRD of the total amount will be due in the last three weeks before the wedding.

8. Guys are just as absorbed in wedding plans as their ladies – well, maybe not so much. I find that even the most considerate and willing grooms don’t want to talk colors and attendants all the time. Have a frank discussion right away about how much HE wants to hear about the wedding and then make sure you schedule appointments around the items he really cares about.

9. The guest list can wait until later – NO. Actually this is probably the first thing you should tackle even before you decide on a budget. After all, the number of people who actually attend your wedding have a big impact on the amount of money you will spend. AND you don’t want to rent a venue until you know how many people it needs to accommodate.

10. Wedding planners are too expensive – I would be remiss if I didn’t address this one. Time after time, my clients tell me it’s the best money they ever spent on the wedding. From helping them avoid catastrophes with venue selections and vendors to guidance on etiquette and family disagreements, a professional can save your sanity and allow you to actually ENJOY this time of your life. Many “event planners” are out there from those employed by the venues themselves to DJs and florists – but at the end of the day, who do you want representing YOU? Someone whose paycheck is signed by a one time vendor you will use or someone who works for YOU?

If you are newly engaged or even if that date is coming up faster than you can imagine, call me. Let’s talk about YOUR wedding!

Wedding success . . . Lynn



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