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3 Can't Miss Post-Engagement Tips

By Kayla Norris



According to TheKnot editor, Anja Winikka, thirty-nine percent of proposals occur between the months of November and February with nearly half of those happening in the month of December alone.

So you just know your perfect man, your prince, your knight in shining armor is going to say those four little words to you soon. . . Will.. you.. marry.. me? And of course, you’ll say YES! Now, the real fun begins. But before you make ANY wedding day decisions, do yourself a favor and follow these great tips we’ve put together for you here at Lasting Impressions of Tulsa.


1.    He’s popped the question and you can’t contain your excitement BUT DO, at least for a little bit. Be sure to make the calls to the friends and family before you #Norrispartyoftwo all over Instagram. Call your parents, grandparents, great aunts whose Christmas sweaters you’ve borrowed for the last couple of years for your, ahem, ­U _ L Y Christmas sweater parties (you fill in the blank because I’m not going to break the news to her) and everyone else that’s changed your diapers BEFORE you post it on social media for a “liking” frenzy. Do you really want to spend New Year’s Eve with family complaining they were the last to know? Nope.

2.   This is going to sting a little, but it’ll only hurt for a second. The dress is NOT post-engagement priority #1. I know, I know. Take it from someone who was a bride not that long ago, there are other details that need to be sorted before we spend a day boutique bouncing to find our perfect couture gown. Yes, you have drawn yourself in a wedding gown in every notebook you’ve had from Kindergarten through college (or was that just me?). But we need to decide on location, time of year, indoor/outdoor, and a number of other details before we see ourselves in a perfect princess ball gown and then we decide on a beach destination wedding… Sand does not come out of tulle easily.


3.    We’ve saved the best tip for last. Let’s say you blew off the first two tips entirely, which I know you would never do, but for argument’s sake let’s say you did. This one is the most important. Talk to all of the financial decision makers for your wedding day before doing ANYTHING else. It is painful to see brides have to scale back on their flower or dress budget because they booked a venue that was too far out of their budget. So get the number up front and save yourself, your groom, and your family a lot of stress. 


      So hopefully you’ll take advantage of the wisdom of someone who’s truly seen it all when it comes to weddings and learn from the mistakes of brides before you. If you have any more questions for us or any more topics you’d like to see covered, let us know!

Wedding wishes! 


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