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5 Ways Your Personality Can Shine At Your Wedding

By Lynn Wheatley

When it comes to your special day, it’s all about the details. The decorations, the food, the venue, and every other aspect of your wedding needs to be perfect and specially curated to live up to the dream wedding you’ve been envisioning your entire life.

That may sound overwhelming, but it is also a huge opportunity to make sure your big day is truly special by infusing your personality into every facet of your wedding. Your wedding should be all about you and your partner, after all.

You can choose to go all out with a location dear to you and your special someone, unique props, and a non-traditional atmosphere. But, you can also make a more traditional ceremony breathtakingly unforgettable and unique by paying special attention to the little things that set your wedding apart.

If you need a bit of inspiration getting started planning a wedding that reflects you and your Sweetie, consider these possibilities:

Choose a theme - no we don't mean Disney type

Is your career a huge part of your life? Or did you meet your special someone through sports or gaming? If there is a connection you share with your partner, embrace it with a wedding theme reflecting that. A theme is the foundation for your big day, so a theme that speaks to you can be helpful for making sure every aspect of your wedding is exactly how YOU want it.


Include your favorite colors

Color is a powerful tool for setting the atmosphere of your wedding, so why not set the mood with colors you’ve always loved.  There really are no rules these days regarding the mixing of colors – liven it up with BOLD color or set the backdrop with a monochromatic theme.  And don’t forget metallic – including one or more adds a ton of interest.

Write your own vows

The love between you and your partner is something beautiful and unique. Use your vows to show this by spending the time to write something heartfelt and true to you. You can still include the traditional values and aspects that are important to you, but your vows are also a chance to reflect on the moments that have brought you two together and look forward to your wonderful days ahead.

Reflect on your roots

Weddings are full of traditions by their very nature, but you shouldn’t spend your special day enduring traditions that don’t hold importance to you. Choose the wedding traditions that are meaningful to you and your partner’s cultures and heritage.  Don’t stick with formalities that you don’t feel connected to just for the sake of it.

Include your four-legged family

For many, pets are as much a part of the family as anyone. It can be a challenge to include them in your wedding, but it can also lead to amazing memories and photos of your day. Just be sure to check with any venues you are considering if having your four-legged friend be a part of your wedding is important to you.

Wedding wishes . . . Lynn


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