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6 Ways To Really Impress Your Wedding Guests

By Lynn Wheatley

Think back to the absolute best wedding you’ve ever been to. I mean THE best wedding. What was it that makes it stand out from all the other lovely and memorable weddings you’ve attended throughout your life?

The best weddings don’t just rest on their laurels. They are exciting, creative, and put their own spin on one of the most important days of a person’s life. You don’t get that by using the same floral arrangements, backdrops, and locations everyone else uses.

Guarantee YOUR wedding is the one all your friends and family are still talking about years from now by breaking the mold and impressing your guests with these unexpected surprises on your big day:

Start the Fun Before Your Wedding

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Set the tone for your wedding early with creative invites that grab your guests’ attention and shows them yours will be a wedding unlike any other. You don’t have to be a professional designer to get custom invitations that emphasize your personality, either. Let us show you all the many styles in the comfort of our office where you can TOUCH the paper and pick out all the details yourself. We’ll walk you through all the etiquette involved and end up with a custom invite.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The first dance may be an old tradition at weddings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up. Plan with your partner to take dance lessons ahead of time to learn a choreographed tango or more modern style dance to really wow the crowd. With a little planning, even the least graceful of us can put on a great show that will really leave a lasting impression.

Make The Memories Last

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Every smart couple has a professional photographer on hand to capture their big day in beautiful fashion, but the focus is on you and your special someone. If you truly want your friends and family to remember how fantastic your wedding was, let them get on the photo fun with a photo booth – and maybe some goofy props. They’ll get to keep a memento showing just how much fun they had, and it can help pass time before the ceremony kicks off.

Leave a Mark

Source: Laura Ivanova Photography

A tattoo station at your wedding might sound crazy, but hear me out. Many creative couples are having temporary tattoos to commemorate their big day, and setting up an area for applying them can lead to lots of fun. Plus, they make for a great accessory for creative pictures. If you want something a little less temporary, you can also have stickers made that will remind you and your friends of your special day for months to come.

Think of the Little Ones

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You’ll need to decide if you want children at your wedding. If so, have a plan in mind. Whether it’s a separate room (with licensed babysitters) or separate tables for all the kiddies, be sure the caterer has an accurate count of the children’s plates (under 12 is usually lots less $$ with a separate menu for the kids). You’ll need to determine if high chairs or booster seats are needed.

It’s a good idea to provide some form of entertainment for the little ones – either movies in their supervised room – or coloring books and games at their tables. Think ahead to whether you actually want your photos and video filled with scenes of children on the dance floor. If not, let’s talk.

Make an Exit

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The last thing your guests will see before the special day ends is you and your beloved making your exit, so why not make it as memorable as every other part of your wedding. There are tons of ways you can make it your own. Some of my favorites include using streamers and confetti instead of rice or bird seed, using colored smoke bombs to fill the air with color (only if you have extra clothes to change into), and even hiring musicians to turn the finale into a small parade out of the venue. 

Wedding Wishes . . . Lynn


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