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Academy Awards Makeup - Who Got It right?

By Lynn Wheatley

We asked one of our very favorite makeup experts, Ashlee Bivins, to give us a run down on the makeup styles we saw at the Academy Awards and how those looks might translate to our Brides.  Here's what she has to say: 

"Oh, the Oscars.  In the beauty industry this is a night we all wait for all year...

 oscar wedding makeup

Let's start off with Catherine Zeta-Jones and end the blog on a more positive note.   EEK!  Catherine is such a naturally beautiful person who ended up looking aged beyond her years.  Her neutral, nude lip and little eyeliner did not work in her favor.  The layers of foundation that was placed around and under the eyes was too heavy and resulted in the settling of her fine lines.  If you want to go with a natural lip, make sure your eyes are stealing the show. This star's dress and hair set the red carpet on fire, but the makeup was unfortunately a flop.  

bridal makeup 

Playing with color can be fun, however there is a time and a place.  Gennifer Goodwin chose the right time and place.  Wow, how stunning was her dramatic pop of blue with her striking, brown smokey eyes?  I loved it!  It was edgy, it worked with her eye shape, it made sense with her dress and her trendy hair style.  The brown shadow blended under her eyes was borderline a bit much, but it still worked for this event.  If Gennifer was in a wedding dress, I would not be as complimentary.  If you are wanting to play with color on your wedding day, keep it subtle or omit it completely.  You want to look back at your photos  ten years from the big day and still love your look.  It is possible to pull off a smokey eye in your white gown...and that leads me to the next star.

Jennifer Lawerence killed it!  If I was her makeup artist on Oscar night, I'd expect to win an Oscar for that performance, myself.  It was dramatic, romantic, flirty, but fresh.  Her eyes effortlessly popped while her cheeks and lips were pink and playful.  Her skin looked flawless, defined and hi-lighted, this look is desired by so many of my brides and can be easily achieved with the right pro artist holding the other end of the makeup brush.  If you want to go with a more dramatic eye, be careful not to overdo it.  Keep the dark shadow at the crease or below or play up the eyeliner, like Adele chose to do.

Adele showed up with her signature winged eyeliner and beautiful skin with a pop of color on her cheeks.  Too bad her hair didn't quite make the cut.  Winged eyeliner is a go-to look of many brides.  Dramatic eyeliner with a bold lip and killer lashes is what is hot this season.  This look pairs perfectly with the also very popular, vintage inspired wedding theme.  

I feel like I need to constantly stress the importance of defining the brows.  You can walk out on the red carpet (or out of the house) with an eye look that would make Carrie Underwood turn her head, but if your brows are not defined it's like looking at a photo on a wall without a frame... it just doesn't work.  Wax, tweeze or get your brows threaded, especially if you are a bride-to-be!  Queen Latifah looked stunning, her skin was glowing, her lips had the perfect amount of color to compliment her skin tone....BUT her brows were almost non-existant.  Even though her brows were shaped- the addition of a brow shadow blended through them would have completed her Oscar look.  

You too can have makeup that E! would talk about after the event, just make sure you hire a pro artist who knows how to create a personalized look that fits your style. "
Ashlee Bivins
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