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Announcing Your Valentine’s Day Engagement

By Lynn Wheatley

announcing your engagement


It’s Valentine’s weekend; anyone get something sparkly from your special Valentine? Here’s a quick note on announcing your engagement!

Take a few moments to enjoy the excitement for yourselves. You’ve just made a life changing decision—soak it in. Be giggly, snap some photos, hug each other and celebrate the moment.

Next, as much as you want immediately to Insta that sparkly ring, be sure you tell the important people first! Your mom and best friend don’t want to find out with the rest of the world. Call your family and close friends to tell them the good news. Or, keep the secret a few days and plan a dinner to announce it all at once!

Then, go social! Spread the good news for everyone to hear (or read). Post those photos and share your story. Get creative with a fun photo or design, such as these fun themes from Martha Stewert CraftStudio.

Now, hit Pinterest! You’re ready to start planning your dream wedding. Discover what styles you and your new fiancé love—this is the fun brainstorming part of wedding planning, before you start making all the decisions. Now would be a good time to think about whether you want to hire a wedding planner. For more information about whether a wedding planner is right for you, check out this blog post.

We hope these tips on announcing your engagement help you start this next phase of your relationship right.

Congratulations and Happy Valentine’s Day,



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