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Average Costs of Weddings

By Lynn Wheatley

The average national cost of a wedding just dropped 10.2% - down to $19,581 for 2009 compared compared to $21,814 in 2008 according the The Wedding Report.

I personally think Tulsa has not fallen quite that far but I do see couples watching their budgets very carefully – as they should. And again, as I’ve been telling my brides and grooms forever – the easiest way to cut costs is to reduce the number of guests. The Wedding Report states that the” average number of guests in 2009 was 128, a decline of 11.7% from 145 in 2008”.

They also state that “couples spent 50.8% less on anklets, 44.1% less on gifts for their parents, and 36.4% less on reception menus”. Anklets???? Must be an East coast thing. BUT the increase in spending was on “Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble, Photographer, and wedding dress”. We’re fortunate in this part of the country to have access to a number of affordable luxuries that the brides and grooms in other parts of the country don’t have. Venues are generally lower priced, musicians are not over the top and add that special accent to the ceremony or reception and we have some of the best photographers in the nation. So don’t cry for us! We may be right in the middle of the country but we’re making it just fine where our weddings are concerned!! Check out Katie and Chris's beautiful wedding. (Photos courtesy Chris Humphrey Photographer)


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