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Do Unto Others...

By Lynn Wheatley

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Lately I hear some wedding and event providers voicing dissatisfaction with other providers - as in someone was late to set up, someone didn't follow the timeline, etc. 



Here's what I know from working with professional event and wedding providers over the past fifteen years: Deal with the PROS. I might get burned once, but not the second time. I've heard it said that Lasting Impressions has strict standards and that ruffles some feathers. Well, that is absolutely correct! 


We're only interested in true professionals that have high standards and will provide excellent products and service for our clients. I would never recommend anyone to YOU, the client, that I wouldn't have at my own event or pay out of my own funds. You get what you pay for. 



So you won't hear me complaining about vendors - in fact, I'm happy to BRAG about the providers I work with. Many of them were there when I started and they have come through for me (and of course the clients) over and over again. I trust them. So when I send out a detailed timeline, they may roll their eyes, but in the end, it's all about the Client and ALL of us being on the same team. 


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