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Don't Lose Friends, Hire a Wedding Planner!

By Lynn Wheatley

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Why should you hire a wedding planner? Mercure Hotels conducted a survey of 1,000 couple and found that 60 percent of couples had a falling out with friends or family about wedding planning. Sad, but I know it’s true. It’s often why couples come to us to help them plan their wedding.

Melissa Micallef from Mercure hotels said, "This research shows that couples often lose sight of their own dreams for their special day in trying to please other people. Having a professional to take care of the planning details alleviates a lot of that stress. Making the most romantic day of someone’s life a dream come true takes a special type of person who is not only creative, diplomatic and meticulous, but above all a romantic who understands that every couple is unique."

I pride myself on having the above attributes. I’ve had many, many happy couples throughout the years and helped them achieve unique weddings inspired by both of their personalities. And when your personality is reflected in your wedding your friends and family are ultimately happy because they can see that the day is truly a reflection of the love you share.

I hope that we can help you. I’m excited to help you. Just click here to inquire about how we can help you plan your perfect day.

You can view the Mercure article here.


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