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'Have You Set a Date?'

By Lynn Wheatley


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From the moment you announce your engagement to your friends and family there is one thing you are all but guaranteed to start hearing; “have you set a date?” It might seem like there’s an intense pressure to get the exact date of your big day set in stone as quickly as possible – but wait:  Planning your wedding should be a time of enjoyment NOT a rush to the finish line.

One of the ways we assist our Lasting Impressions couples is by walking through each and every scenario.  So, before you lock in a date and announce it to the World, consider the following:

Seasons and weather in your location

Indoors or out?  Get serious about a little weather research if you’re planning an outdoors wedding and be realistic. Weather Underground and NOAA both offer historical data on all areas of the country.

Indoors is not as big a deal unless you’re planning on photos in the park or downtown in the middle of the street, etc.  No Bride wants to have the perfect hair and makeup then chance the humidity or extreme wind!


Don’t forget to consider your guests.  I’ll never the forget the beautiful Bride surveying the wedding ceremony outdoor setup from an air-conditioned bridal room overlooking the garden while her guests were clustered in the shade until the last moment possible because the ceremony was in full sun.


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Tying the knot on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Day may make for a memorable and romantic day, but choosing a major holiday comes with its own challenges.

First of all, there’s a chance you’ll be competing for your dream venue because these dates are so popular for weddings and other events.   There are also significant costs associated with certain times of the year.  Flowers, in particular, are MUCH higher in the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  And limos will be completely booked up during prom season.


If you’re having a wedding in a church, several protestant churches ban weddings during lent and in other religions, there are similar black out dates.  And of course, if you’re planning a December wedding, you’d better like red and green, because any number of venues will be decked out for the holiday!


No one likes to talk about budget, but it is an important factor for many couples preparing to start their lives together. It is also a key factor in setting the date for your wedding.   June and October are the most popular months of the year according to the latest statistics.  So don’t be asking for any discounts in those months.  Venues and almost all other wedding professionals will have their pick of clients.

If you’re trying to get the most out of your budget, you might consider saying “I do” in the “offseason” months like January, July or August (here in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas).

A weekday wedding may be the most cost effective IF your family and friends can still attend.  If your guests are coming in from out of town, then stick to a weekend wedding.

Your family and friends 

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Not every single person will be able to attend your wedding. But, for those persons that you absolutely want to attend, don’t be afraid to talk to them directly and ask for date conflicts well in advance so that you can plan around them. Just remember, EVERYONE has an opinion so we’re only talking about a select few.

What do YOU want?

The best way to tie down exactly when you should get married is to think about what your dream wedding looks like. Do you have blooms of your favorite flower on all the tables? If so, when is your favorite flower in season? Are you dead set on a specific venue or videographer? You may have to work around their schedule. Once you know what is most important to you, you can start to narrow down that all important Wedding Date – the one that will be engraved inside your wedding band!!

Wedding Wishes . . . Lynn


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