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How To Be a Top Wedding Planner

By Lynn Wheatley

top wedding planner

As a top wedding planner in Tulsa, Okla., I was asked to speak to several Adult and Family Living Classes at Bixby High School. And as usual, the juniors and seniors had a number of questions! 

And the first questions was: So what does a top wedding planner DO?

My answer was (and always is): LISTEN to the Bride and Groom.

This is YOUR day and your chance to have every dream fulfilled. At Lasting Impressions, we start with an in-depth questionnaire and a two-hour “getting to know you” session. That’s when I want to hear your dreams, listen to your concerns and look at any photos, tear sheets from magazines, or websites that you absolutely LOVE or HATE.

If you have already committed to certain vendors (that would be service providers such as photographers or caterers), then we are happy to work with them. But if you don’t know who would fit into your game plan and/or budget, then our expertise is matching vendors to client. After all, this is our BUSINESS and we require vendors to adhere to high standards if they expect to be recommended by us. I would rather tell you the truth about a vendor than deal with a costly mistake later down the road.

The second question was: Do YOU (the wedding planner) set the budget? NO – the client sets the budget. I don’t care what your budget is – I only care that you tell me the truth so that we can select the appropriate venue, choose the appropriate vendors and design the “look” without breaking the budget. It’s probably my finance background, but I LOVE a balanced spreadsheet.

Third question: What if I want PINK and you think that’s too frou frou? I’ll say it again: it’s YOUR day. You determine what you like and what your DREAM is. I will implement it so that the entire wedding and reception reflect your personality. 

At LI, we’ve never done a copy cat wedding. Each and every one of our weddings is unique – representative of the Bride and Groom. Even the two sisters whose weddings we did two years apart, were completely different. You want red and gold everywhere, that’s what you get. You LOVE daisies – we will have daisies all over the place.

And lastly, WHEN should you hire a wedding planner? My answer is FIRST. The reason is that I can save you time and effort in searching for the best vendors, I can keep you from making costly mistakes and I can WATCH your budget like Scrooge. Together, we’ll determine what is MOST important , what is NEXT important and then what you would LOVE to include if the budget allows.

So that’s my 45 minute class session. It was a delight to visit Bixby High School and share some wedding planning secrets!

Wedding Success!



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