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If It's Spring, It Must Be Wedding Season

By Lynn Wheatley

What a beautiful day on Sunday - after 22 days of rain, it was glorious to see the sun.  And there is no better place to enjoy a spring day than at Woodward Park in Tulsa.  The park was crowded with children and couples holding hands wandering through the rose garden.

We met a lot of those couples at the Tulsa Garden Center's "View the Venue".  It was a chance for those planning events in the near future to tour the Garden Center's rooms and chat with various vendors.

Lasting Impressions has done a number of weddings at Tulsa Garden Center and we were in the lovely south room.  Our "sweetheart" table was set for two and featured black, white and yellow, a popular color combination this spring.

We talked with a number of couples just beginning their planning process - some as far out as two years and some looking for a fall date.  Word of warning - venues are booking further and further out so a year is no longer a safe amount of time. 

One of our brides is being married in June of 2010 and even though that seems a long way off, there are quite a few venues that are already taken on the date she wants.  That's one of the ways a planner can assist you - setting priorities and then guiding you to the appropriate location for your wedding and the best photographers, caterers, videographers, etc.  who can make it all come together.

Tip - it's never too early to start planning!


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