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Is Your Event Recession Proof?

By Lynn Wheatley

When the financial world is in chaos, who could possibly think of giving a party?

Well . . . couples will continue to be married, milestones in families will be reached and companies who are smart will reward clients and employees for loyalty in these difficult times.

The difference is that you need to think smarter when you entertain - at Lasting Impressions, we believe our services help you do just that. Hiring a professional makes more sense now than ever. Your time is worth money. We have already checked out the venues, the vendors and the sources you'll need. Why spend gasoline driving from one site to another when we can guide you to the most appropriate for your event, your style and your budget?

We are constantly in touch with long time vendors who provide the services you need and have a history of stability. We can develop a budget with you that gives you the most creative approach and leaves your guests feeling appreciative of your cognizance of the current environment.

And speaking of the environment, going "green" isn't just about using recycled paper products. Many of our wedding couples choose to donate to charity versus handing out one time use favors and corporations can do the same thing, letting employees or clients choose the charities. We routinely distribute leftover centerpieces to area senior living facilities after the event is over if the client wishes. Careful planning alleviates waste everywhere from over ordering food and drink to using environmentally friendly products. Our warehouses are full of items that can be reused and recycled rather than thrown away after an event. What you see today will look completely different next week!

A Lasting Impressions event always has a "theme" whether that be a color, a signature logo or a favorite pet. It is always subtle but incorporated throughout the entire event, leaving a brand to your special party. That single thread running through the party gives it a completed look and can lessen the need for over the top decorations. Why do you think Real Simple is such a popular magazine?

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