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Love Nest Love

By Lynn Wheatley

Wedding receptions featuring cocktail seating have been a staple for many years.  Let’s take it a step further and create a special spot for your guests - a love nest.  Beyond added comfortable seating, they are a precious way to have a private, intimate (photographic) moment with your new spouse, or serve as a cozy hideout for guests. And think of the exclusive items you could feature there: a whiskey bar anyone? Or how about cappuccinos and biscotti? And of course there’s the s’mores station complete with fire pit – outdoor weddings only please.

Obviously we can’t forget the most practical application of love nests: a rest stop between “Gangnam Style” and “Cupid Shuffle” on the dance floor.

Love nests truly add that special “something” to a wedding and will have your guests talking for days to come. 



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