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Men, How to Propose

By Lynn Wheatley

how to propose

Lasting Impressions is here to help you with a few tips on how to propose to your girlfriend. ’Tis the season, engagement season, that is; it’s truly a romantic time of year to make her your bride. Here are seven tips on how to make your proposal and the beginning of your engagement special.

 1.     Plan ahead.

Women like to feel special. We want to know that you took time and energy to ask us this incredibly big question. Your girlfriend may be as contemporary as they come, but chances are, she will expect some traditional elements in your proposal. Make it a story she will enjoy telling time and time again. Trust us, you’ll be telling the story to everyone you know!

2.     Ask her parents.

It may be old fashioned, but manners are never out of date. Talk to her parents about your intentions. We may be past the days of women being “handed off” by their families, but your girlfriend will appreciate the sentiment of you having a heart-to-heart with her family, especially if she is close with her parents. 

3.     Make it the right time

Have you and your future bride-to-be been discussing marriage? Don’t surprise her if you have never had those important discussions. Make sure you both know what marriage means to your relationship. It is a big step that is not to be taken lightly.  

4.     Find her dream ring

Whether you discuss it with her or her best friend, know what style of ring she prefers. The options can be overwhelming and she will be wearing this for a LONG time. Don’t go into debt for a ring you can’t afford, but find something in a style she will love for years to come.

5.     Make is special

Give her a reason to be dressed nicely or have her nails done—trust us, she wants to look stunning when she gives you her answer, it’s just a girl thing. Keep it a secret, but give her a (believable) ulterior reason to look her best, especially if you plan to have someone record the event. She WILL want those photos to be perfect.  

6.     Make it unique

Does she appreciate the limelight, or is she more private? Know whether an over-the-top proposal would embarrass her. Find a way to ask her that is unique to your relationship. You could take her to where you first met, or had your first date. You could include her family and friends. Do it up big with flowers and a limo, or keep it small with walk in her favorite park and her sister snapping photos from behind a tree. 

7.     Relax and enjoy it

Don’t get too consumed with making every moment perfect. Speak from your heart. Your emotions and her will be running high. Many people don’t even remember the details because they are so overwhelmed in the moment. Take a few deep breaths and relax. You’ll want to remember this moment for years to come.


Good luck! We hope these tips on how to propose help make your engagement special.

Wedding Wishes,





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