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Menu Cards: Do You Need Them for the Wedding Reception?

By Lynn Wheatley

 wedding menu cards

Photo: The Knot

Why do I need a menu card anyway?


You may consider menu cards strictly for the banquet scene or think it is a pompous tradition. But when it comes to YOUR wedding, you might want to reconsider.


Menu cards serve a practical function to let your guests know WHAT they will be eating. If your guest has a dietary restriction or is just plain picky, she will know in advance to ask for a vegetarian plate from the server or to avoid the hors d’oeuvre with the peanut sauce.


If it’s a buffet, you may opt for small signs located by the food but a menu card works equally well here as well.


The other benefit from a purely aesthetic standpoint is that a menu card announces that your event is special, you took the time to consider all the details. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a card, the menu could be written on a small chalkboard and placed one per table or one per room if the size of the gathering is small. 


We loved the menu cards at the Special Event Wedding Luncheon – each one was unique and each one fit perfectly with the overall design of the table.


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