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Oscar Inspiration: Wedding Hairstyles

By Lynn Wheatley

For your big day, what wedding hairstyle will you choose? Oh, the decisions! We picked up some BEAUTIFUL ideas from the Oscars! You're sure to be inspired to choose one of these glamourous hairstyles for YOUR wedding day!    Then you have to think about makeup.  Remember the camera LOVES professionally applied makeup.

We asked two of  our favorite wedding pros for their opinion on how the recent Oscar nominees and winners will impact the look of brides - or will they? (we'll look at makeup on another blog post)

What do you think?  Would you copy one of the styles worn at the Academy Awards?

Today's guest blogger is Heather Valentine of Valentine Styles, a bridal hair specialist.  We asked for her take on the impact of the hairstyles worn by the stars on the red carpet.  Here's what she has to say:

             Who doesn’t love the Oscars?  The glamour, gowns, celebrities and, of course; my favorite, the hair!  As a hairstylist who specializes in bridal hair, I often get asked what is on trend for brides.   It is often a difficult question to answer.  Styles are often so outlandish that even the most trendsetting Tulsa bride wouldn’t dare to take her turn down the aisle with a teased and tousled beehive.  Usually, the trends can serve us “local celebrities” as inspiration versus a style guide.  Surprisingly, this year the Oscar red carpet has unleashed several styles to suit brides from classic to couture.  Unfortunately, a few of my favorite A- listers demonstrated what not to do.  I am quite sure it will land them on the worst dressed list; however, it will hopefully save many brides from making the same mistakes.

               Let’s start with the dos.  Vintage, vintage, vintage!  It was displayed all over the red carpet.  Vintage waves with a deep side part were one of the most popular looks this Oscar season.  My favorite example of this old Hollywood style was Reese Witherspoon.  Reese has volume in all the right places and kept plenty of movement throughout.  This style can be beautiful on a bride with a statement accessory such as a bold vintage brooch or a birdcage veil.  Make this style your own by sweeping it off the back and pinning to one side.   
Tulsa Bride Sammy with hair by Valentine Styles
Valentine Styles, Lasting Impressions hairstyles
Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars

             To updo or undo?  It is a classic debate I hear from brides and usually their mothers at one point or another during consultation.  Updos are a beautiful option for wedding day, if one can find the right updo.    Many brides panic at the thought of an updo.  Thinking back to their last updo; whether the event was prom or Aunt So and So’s wedding, brides sometimes mark this option out before trial.  Take a cue from these stars that are miles away from starch sprayed tendrils and super tight curly Qs!  Jennifer Lawrence’s soft and textured updo went stunningly with her ball gown.   The updo offers texture and interest without being fussy!  Amy Adams made the classic French twist current by adding volume and a middle part.  The hairstyle is soft and classic and would be perfect paired with a bit of bling and a traditional veil.  Buns and braids also made a return to the red carpet.  Buns are not for the librarian anymore!  Salma Hayek wore a version of a bun that’s full of texture and drama.  Buns were seen in a variety of shapes, sizes and places.  Worn low and centered is obviously the safe choice, but when you move the bun around or even double it up, it can be considered risqué and dramatic!
Valentine Styles, Lasting Impressions hairstyles
Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet.

Valentine Styles Lasting Impressions hairstyle
Tulsa Bride Nicole with hair by Valentine Styles.


  The do not list could be its own blog.  Let’s assume most brides are cautious enough to avoid obvious blunders such as the previously mentioned beehive.   Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston, both made huge mistakes this year on the red carpet.  In my experience many brides make this mistake on their wedding day.  Special events deserve special event hair.  Both Sandra and Jennifer wore their hair straight with very little to no volume and without embellishment of any kind.   An evening gown deserves to be topped off with beautiful hair.  The second offense I see most often in brides also happened at the Oscars.  In an attempt to keep an updo relaxed, it comes across as frizzy, messy or even weird.  A soft and relaxed updo still needs product and structure.  If one of these key elements is missing, an attempt to be elegant and romantic can turn to confusing and messy.  Sally Field almost always gets it right, but even the pros can get it wrong on rare occasion.  My advice to Ms. Field would be the same as the advice I give all potential brides:  schedule a trial appointment!
               The 2013 Oscars showcased beautiful special event hair.  An Oklahoman bride to be should definitely look to the stars for wearable hair.  Use the images as one resource in the journey to find your perfect wedding hairstyle.  Hair type and face shape are going to be huge factors in finding the right wedding style.  Find a great professional stylist to consult with before you rule anything out.  Stylists have tips and tricks to give every bride Oscar worthy hair!"  Heather Valentine

Thanks to Heather for sharing her expertise.
Wedding Wishes . . . Lynn

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