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Rainy Day Wedding

By Lynn Wheatley

Last Fall,  I was in Enid for a weekend with my Mother. And as a side bar - 

It’s a nightmare come true for a wedding planner. And I’m watching from afar . . .

The Bride dreams of an outdoor wedding in her parents’ back yard and the day arrives: Rain was forecast and the day was overcast. I watched with ongoing anxiety as the neighbor’s backyard across from my Mother’s filled with white chairs and the florists scattered BUSHELS of rose petals down an aisle which had to be soggy by the time the bride walked down it. It was a 6:30 wedding and by 6:15 guests were scattered among the trees with a sea of umbrellas. No one wanted to sit in the chairs with the rain falling. The smartest thing I saw was that the ushers carried towels with them as they tried to seat the guests and wipe off chairs at the same time.

By the time the wedding was supposed to start the rain was falling in earnest. I stood across the creek with my camera and watched the groom and groomsmen file in without umbrellas. Then the bridesmaids and bride arrived by golf cart and waited under the trees for the cue by the wedding planners. (totally without cover of umbrellas).

If I had been the officiant I would have scurried on through the vows and moved to the “I now pronounce you husband and wife”. But oh, no, there was even a soloist. The music was canned – no self respecting string quartet would have come near the wet surroundings with their expensive instruments.

As soon as the final “I do” was exchanged, the wedding party moved quickly down the aisle and on to the tent set on the front lawn (which is where I would have MOVED the wedding to as the rain began falling).

It’a a quandry – to have an outdoor wedding or not. And in Oklahoma – you better hedge your bets! At least this couple will have a great story to tell their grandchildren.


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