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Simple Is the New Wedding Trend

By Lynn Wheatley

Just out from the experts in the floral and wedding industry. The average cost of a wedding has dropped from the 2007 high of $28,732 to an average of $21,814 in 2008. That’s an interesting statistic considering the current downturn actually kicked in beginning early last fall. So what were the brides and grooms thinking?

Well, maybe they knew something that the rest of the world did not. Time to pull back, get into the economic savings mode. Or maybe the world of “Simple” has really arrived. Simple is the new black – let’s have a “simply chic” wedding, we’d like “simple elegance”, actually we were thinking “simple AND traditional”. So what is all that about?

Maybe it’s a time to focus on the really important things in our live. Like inviting fewer guests – people we actually spend time with. My Mother talks about THE war – which means WWII to her – and the limits it placed on their lives. Not only were their friends enlisted in the Armed Forces and fighting halfway across the world, but gas was rationed, sugar was hard to find and “nylons” – those predecessors of pantyhose – were next to impossible to locate.

My parents’ wedding was small and intimate, limited to those friends and family who lived close enough to secure enough gasoline for travel to their ceremony. Mother’s one luxury was an orchid in her bouquet. But when she speaks of it, all these 65 years later, it is still THE wedding – some things never change.


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