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The Biggest Trends You'll Want At Your Wedding

By Lynn Wheatley

Your wedding should be a timeless occasion. That doesn’t mean your wedding can’t also be the hottest event of the year featuring the latest classy and elegant trends. We see lots of different trends shaping up to be big this year, but today I wanted to share a few I think will really take 2017 by storm.

Sheer and sexy wedding dresses

We are seeing a more modern and glamorous look back on the rise this year, with lots of lace and straps with cap (or even full) sleeves. The extra coverage on top lets you take risks with a bare back or maybe part of the midsection – if you dare!

Sheer and Sexy Wedding Dress
Image source: Milla Nova Wedding Fashion / Pinterest

Colorful grooms

Metallics and lush greens, purples, and blues are appearing in the palette for more and more weddings. To better fit these color arrangements, many grooms are ditching the traditional black in favor or gray or burgundy suites with a vintage chic look. 

Tux by Friar Tux, Photo by Honey Photographs


Urban elegance

Getting away to the country for a rustic wedding has been big for several years, but more couples are starting to choose a more urban setting for their big day, such as industrial spaces, sleek building lobbies and luscious green areas. 

Marble details

Nothing says luxury like marble and metallic. Now, you can combine the two with linens that have woven metallic simulating the veins of marble into them for an unmistakably gorgeous motif.  

Pyrite Marble Linen by BBJ Linen
Image source: BBJ Linen

Giant floral wreath backdrops

Flower walls made their debut several years ago and have been a big want for many brides. Unfortunately, they are so impractical and expensive that few can afford them. Instead, get an equally natural and beautiful background for your ceremony with a giant wreath overflowing with vines and a scattering of flowers or even swings for an outdoor wedding with timeless charm.

Wedding Wreath

Drone photography and videos

This is only going to get bigger as drone photography and video options specifically catered around recording your big day become more available. The photos and videos give a new perspective on the moment you say “I do”, and the experience of flying over your ceremony or reception is exhilarating. Don't believe me? Check out the drone video from one of our shoots!

Creative food presentation

Food “walls” and hanging food are big this year, though the fastest growing trend we are seeing in wedding food is drip cakes. These delights must be driving cake designers crazy – they literally look like someone just dripped icing down the sides – but perfectly designed to still look out-of-this-world delicious. 

Elegant Drip Wedding Cake
Cake by Fifi La Femme, Photo by Curly Tree Photography

Greenery motifs on invitations

“Greenery” is Pantone’s™ color of the year and it is going to be everywhere! Especially on invitations for weddings. Whether you use a neutral color scheme with splashes of the lighter green to give it some energy or you use bold stationary to announce your big day, there are a lot of interesting and exciting ways to incorporate the zesty shade.

Pantone Greenery
Photo source: Pantone


And those are just a few of the great things we see being huge in weddings this year! If you want some more ideas for the biggest and best trends this year, check out the 2017 WeddingWire Trend Guide here

Wedding wishes . . . Lynn


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