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Three Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Planner

By Lynn Wheatley

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When it comes to your wedding day, you want to select the right wedding planner to capture your vision and turn those dreams into reality. Many ceremony and reception venues now offer wedding planning coordinators; caterers now offer complete event services. But, who is going to truly be on your side from vendor negotiations to decorating and pulling the entire event together? Who can you trust to create a beautiful beginning to your marriage? 

Here are three things to consider when selecting your wedding planner: 

1. How much work do you want to do?

While adding a coordinator to your venue package may seem like most cost-effective option, how much will they truly do? Many wedding coordinators working for a venue simply take charge of the day-of preparations and decorating. As the bride, you will still have to find and negotiate contracts with the right vendors for entertainment, videography, hair and makeup, tent and linen rentals, etc. You are still responsible for making every minute decision. Think through how much time and stress you are willing to put into the day. For busy brides, you may need to consider a professional and experienced wedding planner. 

2. Will the wedding planner be on your side?

When it comes to contract negotiations with your venue, band and caterer, you want someone who will be fighting in your corner to get you the best rates and policies. Be cautious when a venue or caterer provides a “preferred list” of vendors. You want to ensure the vendors haven’t paid to be on the list, and that vendor is trusted. When Lasting Impressions offers a list of vendors, you can rest assured that vendor will deliver quality services. We’ve worked with these vendors numerous times and trust them to be punctual and professional. 

3. Does the wedding planner get your vision and budget?

When you are meeting with potential wedding planners, don’t focus so much on their cost so much as how much they understand your vision and can work within your budget. You certainly don’t want to waste your time looking at venues and caterers that would break your budget. A professional wedding planner isn’t going to simply hand you a list of vendors. Hiring a professional wedding planner means she will match your interests, vision and, most importantly, budget, with trusted vendors that will make your dream day special. 

If you’re looking for a wedding planner who will make your wedding day all about you, then send an inquiry to Lynn Wheatley, an experienced Tulsa wedding planner for the discerning bride. She will take the time to find the perfect vendors to make your wedding vision come to life.  


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