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Venue Selection: Comparing Apples and Hamburgers

By Lynn Wheatley

Choosing the perfect site for your event or wedding . . . 

During these dog days of summer, we're using the slow time to visit some of the MANY new event venues around the area. Why?  Because one of the MOST important choices you (the client) will make is where to hold your event.

We, as event producers and coordinators, are responsible for guiding you to the BEST selection.  I've said it before and I will keep saying it - if you select the wrong venue, the chances of problems occurring will compound themselves. 


Case in Point: In my family, there are two daughters.  Each chose to marry in another state. The first chose her venue and THEN told her Dad and I where the reception would be. That venue had strict rules and preferred vendors and in order to use vendors of our choice, we ended up paying a premium. 

By the time the second one came along, we had learned our lesson and hired a local wedding planner to make suggestions for venues that would fit the upcoming wedding.  In the end it was the groom's connections that led us to Laurel Hall in Indianapolis for both the ceremony and reception.  It wasn't because the wedding planner didn't make good suggestions; we just lucked out and became the first clients to sign a contract with what is now listed as one of the best five venues in the. U.S.


With all the choices now available in the Northeast Oklahoma area, it's going to be even more difficult to compare and determine exactly WHICH one is right for you. 

So, what are YOU looking for?  Chances are we've recently toured it and have done an extensive site visit analysis of it.  If you need help evaluating all of the difficult choices, give us a call, email or text.  For the remainder of August we are offering Site Selection Guidance for $199. That's a small price to pay when you consider the thousands of dollars you're about to spend!

Wedding wishes . . . Lynn

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