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Wedding Colors

By Lynn Wheatley

When it's dreary outside like today, I like to think about combinations of wedding colors that make me happy. 

Maybe you do too, but you don't know where to start for inspiration?  Color is everywhere - from the many, many colors of blue at the seashore to the various shades of green in your backyard, there's no lack of color. 

wedding colors

It doesn't get better than a rosy pink sky tinged with a touch of orange. 

I bring back photos from almost every trip or even walks in the neighborhood.  In other words, it doesn't take a lot to put together a combination that makes you happy.

It does, however, take some experience and expertise to pull off your favorite colors into the perfect event setting.  Because you must consider your surroundings, time of year, and available resources, think before you choose the colors for your most important day.

Just look at all the combinations using BLUE - in various shades and with all sorts of color accents - OR make it the accent color.

Wedding wishes . . . Lynn


wedding colors

These rich, royal colors come from a stained glass ceiling. 

wedding colors

How about these bright colors for a contemporary theme? 

wedding colors

Notice this clever touch of blue among the vibrant green, orange, red and bronze hues.  


wedding colors

I love this elegant look of silver with cream and soft blue. 


Here's another take on silver and blue, but this one has an aged, rustic feel.  

wedding colors

Imagine how your wedding venue would POP with this mixture of vibrant colors! 



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