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Wedding Planning: Creating a Wedding Website

By Lynn Wheatley

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Here's an important step in your wedding planning process, creating a wedding website. Have you created yours yet? If you’re wondering what the point is, then we’re here to tell you! If you thought they were lame, think again. There are so many reasons to create a wedding website. Guests will be given the URL that you have created.

So what can guests do on this website of yours?

1. RSVP to your wedding

2. See any photos or videos that you have posted as a couple (great for posting engagement shoot photos)

3. Download maps or itineraries needed for the wedding

4. Take quizzes or polls that you have created

5. See a schedule of events

6. Update their addresses and contact information

This will make your life easier as a wedding planner or as a couple planning an upcoming wedding. You can even choose your domain name, song, style and color. This website can exist as long as you want it to and therefore be a great online memory of your wedding. The website is a great supplementary way to involve your guests and organize your wedding plans. Creating a website will cut down on info in your invitations. Nobody wants ten pages of wedding info and instructions in the mail.

Our only word of advice is to not solely rely on this website and always have another means of communicating with your guests. Reasons being, not all guests are tech savvy or have the Internet and not all guests check the website regularly for updates or invitations. Also in today’s age, nothing beats receiving hard copy snail mail addressed to your name with neat lacy writing! 

To create your own wedding website or just see what the hype is about, go to:

Wedding success!

- Lynn


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