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Weddings: The Good, The Bad, The Pretty - Per The Knot

By Lynn Wheatley

Just released from The Knot:  Weddings now average $31,213 and that doesn’t include the honeymoon!

To those of us in the wedding industry, that’s not a big surprise.  Individual vendor costs have been rising for the past several years – hello – what hasn’t? 

So let’s delve into what that means for those of you in THIS corner of the world.  1) our geographical area is nearly always under the US averages.  And 2) Knowledge is always essential for proper Planning.

I’ve been tracking wedding budgets for nearly twelve years and thought I’d share some inside information regarding the statistics reported in this annual survey The Knot puts out.  They survey 16,000 Brides.  There’s a lot of variance in the numbers from the high of $76,328 in Manhattan to the low of $15,257 in Utah.



We agree with the survey on the following:

·        The average age of couples is increasing

·        Engagements are an average of fourteen months

·        December still ranks number 1 for popping the question

·        June and October are the most popular wedding months

The items we differ on:

·        Wedding size dropping – vs. most of ours have increased in size

·        Half of the weddings surveyed went over budget – I bet they didn’t have a Wedding Planner helping with their Budget!

·        Couples paid more for Bands than Photographers – not here

·        Venue rental averaged $14,000!  Our area is MUCH more economical

So what’s a newly engaged Couple to do???  PLAN WELL – The devil is in the details.  Make those lists and check them over and over again.  Every single guest you invite will add HUNDREDS of dollars to your costs.  It’s not just the food and beverage – it’s the size of the Venue you need, the invitations, the flowers, the linens and other rentals, the favors and of course, the food and beverage.


Wedding Wishes . . . Lynn


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