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What To Do The Week Before Your Wedding

By Lynn Wheatley

wedding planner

The week before your wedding should be spent with your family and friends as they arrive in town for your wedding. It’s time spent in the spa or the salon getting pampered and having your manicure and pedicure. You will probably have a bridesmaid’s luncheon and of course then there is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner following.

The day of your wedding is all about YOU as a bride and groom. Whether you plan activities with your attendants or family, this is YOUR day to take your time and ENJOY it all. Maybe you have hotel rooms where everyone gets ready or you and your attendants dress at home. The limo takes you to the ceremony and there may be a shuttle or trolley to deliver guests to the ceremony.

Your Mom or special person have time to dress at the ceremony while the photographer and videographer record this day for posterity. The groom and his guys are enjoying their time together and having bouts pinned on for photographs.

NOT a single thing to worry about except to remember to say “I do”.

So what are your wedding planners at Lasting Impressions doing that last week? Well, we have been planning for months so this week is spent in finalizing all those plans. We’re finalizing the timeline, turning in last minute layouts to the venues, sending out the timeline to ALL your vendors and answering any questions they have. Your seating plan for the ceremony and reception goes to the appropriate people. We make sure your escort cards are calligraphied and your toasting goblets, cake knife, guest book and pens all get to the right place.

We’ll also be completing all the last minute printing of programs, menu cards, and any signage that is needed. Because we’ve done it over and over, we know what to look for at the venues and where your guests will need direction. There is a final walk through with your venue where we meet with the onsite coordinator and address any special issues like handicap needs for your guests.

This is also the last time we have to adjust your table seating. Whatever the reason, a portion of the guests nowadays seem to rsvp at the last minute so if the count goes up – we’re busy adding chairs, linens, you name it. Because we have long standing relationships with suppliers, we’re able to add rentals right up until the last moment – usually. Alhough we would rather the guests rsvp on time!

Outdoor weddings require extra guidance for your guests and signage all the way. There may need to be valet parking, tents and of course a caterer who is experienced in serving food in an outside setting.

Since LI typically designs and produces every wedding, we order in fresh flowers for your décor and begin the florals in the middle of the week. With a warehouse full of vases, candleholders and decor items, we can tailor the “look” for your wedding.

Fridays are usually about rehearsals and we’re there to walk you through with diagrams and layouts since we’ve been in communication with the ceremony location since the beginning. Then on the day of the event, while you’re still catching your beauty sleep, we’re on site, unloading the truck full of all your décor elements and floral arrangements. Our team of 8-10 LI staffers will spend anywhere from 10-18 hours setting up and tearing down the entire event – so YOU don’t have to!

What will YOU be doing the week before your wedding?

Wedding success . . .





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