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Who will write YOUR love story?

By Lynn Wheatley

Who will write YOUR love story?

You know?  The one about the TWO of you.  How the two of you got to this point, the commonalities, the differences, the family relationships, the laughs you’ve shared, the places you’ve been.  ALL of those details go into your wedding planning in one way or another.

For as long as we’ve been producing beautiful weddings (2004), we’ve been writing the Love Stories of each and every couple as a part of our Bling Bling program.   No two are ever the same.  Sure, we give you a storyboard of images and colors, but we also deliver a written illustrative story of the way your wedding will unfold – beginning to end.

Many of our clients tell us they love to curl up with a glass/cup of wine/coffee/tea and reread the words until they “see” the day in their own heads.  We want you to carefully walk through the day in your imagination.  Because, you see, it only happens ONCE.  The day cannot be recreated – so we want to get it right the first time.

We describe not only the colors, flowers, linens, favors – all that you’ve planned  - but the atmosphere as well and the timing of the day so that nothing is left to chance – nothing is a surprise (unless you request a surprise!)

On your Wedding Day, every one of our Couples gets a “Reveal” of their special space before the guests do – we want you to be the first to see your Dream brought to life.  We hear over and over again: “It’s even better than I thought it would be.”

If that kind of attention to detail appeals to you, we’re ready to write YOUR very own Love Story.

Wedding Wishes . . . Lynn

And as a special Valentine for you and your Sweetie, we’re offering the Bling Bling for the price of Bling!  Call us to find out what a great gift that is.  918 .  629 . 1877.



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