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Your Outdoor Wedding in Oklahoma - Yes or No?

By Lynn Wheatley

Have you always dreamed of a photo perfect outdoor wedding but here we are in Oklahoma?

Can you actually have an outdoor wedding in tornado alley? Let me give you three tips on how you can do it. (photos by LSDunham Photography)

Timing is everything – late spring or late September and early October are your best chances for avoiding the sirens and the rip roaring winds that come sweeping down the plain. You’ll also avoid the 90-100 degree temperatures.

Location, location, location – find a venue with both an indoor and outdoor site. That way you’ll be prepared for a last minute move to a warm/cool, covered place to hold the ceremony and/or reception.

Alert your guests to the outdoor location so that their attire is appropriate. You might even consider suggesting “grass friendly shoes” and “outdoor wedding comfortable” clothing. Unless, of course, your friends and family will take that suggestion to mean cutoffs and flip flops.

And those are just some of the many suggestions we have for making an outdoor wedding stress free and guest friendly.


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